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10 Business Lessons From TV Series Suits

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10 Business Lessons From TV Series Suits

If you are a big fan of American television dramas then I am pretty sure you have watched the amazing series Suits. Well, even if some of you have not watched it, you may be definitely aware that it happens to be one of the longest running series of all times. A legal drama running successfully for so many years surely clicks something on our heard right! So what is it that viewers loved the most in Suits? We are not here to discuss that though. There is a totally different perspective from which we will be analyzing the TV series in this article. Let us try to delve into some of the business lessons that one can learn from Suits.

The way a dropout associate lawyer is hired by his senior to solve cases already serves as a big lesson for many people who might have given up at some point of their life. Here are the business lessons to be learnt from the legal drama:

Taking risks can actually make your career interesting: Yes, you heard it right! We all know that taking risk is a significant part of everyone’s life but still most of us are afraid to take them up. But this only makes our career boring and of course, dull. If one learns to take calculative risk at times, they not only get something good in return but their careers also become very much interesting.

Minimizing losses is not the solution: Many a times, people think about breaking even or cutting their losses in order to avoid them. But this might lead to losing opportunities at time which would have been very much helpful in escalating someone’s career. Therefore, one should try to seize opportunities whenever possible and not try to calculate losses in the first go.

Following – unfollowing rules: We all are living in a place where people abide by the rules and regulations of a society. However, we are held back by these regulations at times even when it comes to achieving goals. Therefore, one should definitely understand the thin line between following rules and not abiding by them at times.

Logic and emotions go hand in hand: There is no doubt about this fact that everyone takes decisions on the basis of logic in the world of business. But there are times when one should rely on the emotional side too for seizing opportunities in the first run.

Appearance matters a lot: We all must have heard the common quote that a man is judged by his clothes. Well, of course, every one of us will agree to this fact. The way you present yourself has a deep impact on the other person which also helps in winning their trust eventually.

Keeping composure is the key: There are times when people face financial loss, emotionally break down, lose connections which ultimately have a deep impact on their career. But with a little bit of patience and hard work, one can revive everything again. But one thing that should be kept in mind in the midst of all this is to keep composure all the time.

Being the cocky person out there: It is completely okay to behave in a cocky manner when it comes to business. Yes, you heard it right. There are times when you need to pretend that you know everything and showcase your confidence in a bold way. If you know something then there is no problem in showing it off to others at times.

Being competitive all the time: Business means competition and one should always be aware of their competitors who are always on a lookout to charge the market whenever they get a chance. If you are soaring high in terms of your business, that does not mean that your competitors are sitting idle and letting you rule the world!

Being the fresher is not a thing: Whenever someone starts a business, they definitely seek advice from experienced veterans. Well, it is a good thing to do but until only a certain point of time. If you lack certain experiences then you should definitely learn but once you surpass them, you are no longer a fresher in this thing and keep this in your mind!

You are the sole problem solver: There is a common quote which is very much popular everywhere around the world. It goes like this – Do not share your problems with anyone because 50% don’t care about them and 50% are happy that you have them. The same thing happens in the field of business too. If you are facing any problem, you yourself have to find a solution for the same rather than relying on others.

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