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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

5 Quick Tips To Prevent Distractions at Work

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5 Quick Tips To Prevent Distractions at Work

Before we move forward with the tips, let’s have a look at some stats published by Dovico:

  • Average employee gets interrupted once in every eight (8) minutes: That approximately average of 50-60 interruptions he has in a normal working day.
  • Average time taken to deal with the interruption is of five (5) minutes: That comes to approximate 4 hours of every normal working day.
  • Eighty percent (80%) of these encountered interruptions are no importance: Calculation comes down to approx. productivity loss of 3 hours and 12 minutes per normal working day.

Regular encounters with distraction leaves us less productive and fill our brain with stress as we are not able to finish the task on time. So, in order to deal with such distractions, here are some quick tips for you:

Prepare task sheet: First identify the task that need to be done and then break the task into small milestones. Working on the bigger task constantly without taking a break makes us vulnerable to distraction. As finishing smaller task requires lesser time, hence you can pour your full focus on the achievable end result and then take a break.

You might say taking break is again loss of productivity? I would say sitting idle with exhausted mind on your desk is also waste of productivity. So, take a small break, reenergise and put yourself back to work.

Neat and Arranged: One of the interruption we often face everyday is making space on our unorganised desk. Arrange and keep yourself as well as your desk arranged and neat, so that there is always enough space to place something and you don’t have to struggle every now and then.

Go offline: Average US smartphone user gets 46 push notifications every day. In UK, average employee waste around three hours and five minutes of a working week on social media. So, in order to complete smaller tasks as defined in point number one, turn off your mobile phone for time being with informing your family, so that they do not worry.

Inform your co-workers: If you are working in open space and people sitting opposite to you are regularly making call as they have sales target to achieve. Then, I would suggest you to use your headphones as a symbol that you are busy and doing something important.

If at all, need arises that you have to tell your co-worker then politely communicate to your co-worker that you are working on something very important and you don’t want to be interrupted until and unless it is very important.

Don’t forget to use option of alternate place if it is available in your office.

Clear communication: Try to be precise and clear in your communication, whether it is through mail, phone to face to face and if there is any possibility of doubts then clear it in that particular interaction so that it don’t come back again and again.


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