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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

6 Tech Innovation You Should Know in 2020

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6 Tech Innovation You Should Know in 2020

In past two decades civilisation has witnessed tremendous growth of technological innovation, advancement and adoption. We started with computer to make our job easy but today we are in that phrase of life when computer is taking away our jobs. Let’s see the list of 6 tech innovation that you should be aware of:

  • Lighting Internet with 5G: Telecom has been vital segment which has pushed the race forward through connecting us. With the passage of time need for better connectivity and higher speed is driving tech innovation in designing better solutions. One of that is 5G. Competition has moved ahead from developing technology to the race of first mover advantage in delivering 5G technology.
  • AI is Sitting Next to You: You will find ample number of articles talking about this technology, advantage and disadvantage, investments and future ahead. Even we have also drafted our analysis titled “Automation/AI will make Everyone Entrepreneur”, which will give you the glimpse of future. Today, when you are able to get better recommendation from e-firms it just because they have already deployed them. You must have come across predictive technology or machine learning, which are basic form of AI usage with present technological advancement. If have any confusion then know about tech behind Alexa, Google Assist and Siri,
  • Swallowable Medical Electronic Devices soon on Prescription: Eventough bullet point of little long but you read it right. Swallowable ingestible sensors are getting ready that can track your gut. Some ingestible, for example PillCam, prepared by Medtronic, can sense temperature, pressure, and pH. BTW, are you aware of Human Genome Project? If no then learn about them. Because of them more personalised medicines and vaccines will be available and one of them could be personalised cancer treatment vaccine.
  • Driverless Car: While Uber and Lyft despite getting listed on the stock market are still identifying the mechanism of turning profitable on the other hand Waymo is miles ahead of them in introducing driverless cars in reality.
  • Smart Home: Definition of smart owner is extended from palm operated devices to automating our home. Alexa and google has made space in our life and now they have also entered in our home and caretaker, which can be controlled from our mobile. Major tech firms as well as startups are focusing on building home automation solution, which can change the future of our lifestyle and create new categories. I will advise before you feel splendid after reading this please know about Amazon’s Ring Doorbell.
  • Brain-computer interface: Elon Musk’s Neuralink will make mouse and keyboard history. Neuralink will allow us to control computers just by thinking. Work is in progress as of now.

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