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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

6 Words Will Help You Overcome Any Failure

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6 Words Will Help You Overcome Any Failure

Various breakdowns or failures in life are something from which one cannot escape. Although, it is sometimes very much difficult for a large number of populations to overcome the depression malaise after that. This topic is regarding the post-failure depressions where one surrender to “I am my failure” thought. This mindset is prevalent amongst many. It is effortless to preview a considerable setback as a precursor of negatives forthcoming things.  It is a different thing when one owns his mistakes than the situation where the mistakes take over someone.

This is where these 6 effective words would help, “You are more than your mistake“. According to Jason Versey, an individual should understand the fact that he is more than just his mistake, much more than what he failed at and far more beautiful than his ugliest moment. We experience stagger in life, which sometimes makes us feel ashamed of or create humble thoughts within us with relevant active lessons, although they would not be able to characterize our true selves. One should always remember that they might be feeling low at their mistake, but for someone else, he/she is the guiding light in the dark forest; a flare of love and hope which should forever overrule the frivolous shortcomings which we badly internalize.

Sometimes in life, people make mistakes and feel he/she would now be seen having a different perception of them. This might be the case that it is a thought in mind, and other people even forgot about this scenario. Think about the situation where we live in a perfect place where nobody had any idea how to live or learn from their past. Things happen. If we allow this stuff frequently affect us, we are giving these mistakes space to define who we are. It can be considered as one of the worst things to do when someone lets his/her mistakes characterize his true self. Letting these mistakes define us causes us not to permit ourselves to undergo another risk since we have started living under the mask of fear of making that mistake all over again. Although situations are not always perfect, and there would consistently be the parts of someone’s life that fall in line with the planning.

Our definition of life cannot be controlled by the mistakes we made; rather, it should be the way we learned to overpower the error. One must work towards the fact that the past failures should be taken as solely an experience one beaten, not keep on reminding oneself each day. Our definition of life should not be what people think of us rather what we create out of it.

This does not mean one should forget the past, and it is a complicated task for running away from memory. The main idea is to forgive oneself and do not allow the past to define you today.

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