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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

7 Ground Rules of Setting Goals

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7 Ground Rules of Setting Goals

Goals are a part and parcel of everyone’s life and there is no doubt about this fact. They are very much necessary in deciding the direction in which one is heading towards both in their personal as well as professional life. Goals are helpful in making human beings manageable as well as accountable for all their deeds. However, setting goals is not as easy as it seems. We might have a thousand things in our mind and hundreds of wishes to watch out for. So, how is it that we can organize and prioritize our main goals among them? This is when the ground rules come in hand. In this article, we will be discussing about certain ground rules of setting goals.

  • Following the rules of SMART: By SMART here, we mean a totally different thing. This word stands as an abbreviation for Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time – Dependent. So, you need to be very specific what you need and make sure that these things are not only measurable and attainable but also time dependent whenever you are setting a goal.
  • Being a team player instead of an individual: It’s a fact that nothing can be achieved all alone. One needs a good team in order to accomplish something. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to acquire the qualities of a team player or leader for setting goals. Moreover, one should also keep in mind that the goals which they are setting should prove to be beneficial not only for them but also for others.
  • Keeping in mind the priorities: It is okay to think about the wider good of all other people but at the same time it also becomes necessary to prioritized one’s own aims and wishes before setting goals. One can start thinking about this by planning what’s best for their future or what they can do to ensure their financial growth. Everything begins on ground zero and one needs to start thinking about these things so that they can prioritize their goals.
  • Long – term goals: Whenever one thinks of setting goals, they should always aim for the long – term ones instead of short – term. This is because only long – term planning can improve one’s life trajectory in terms of family, career, health, etc.
  • Chronological planning: One needs to plan out things in a chronological order so as to set goals in a well – efficient way. For that, individuals should prioritize their wishes and aims and then look forward to achieving them one by one.
  • Seeking people’s advice: It’s always good to seek people’s advice whenever you are thinking of doing something that benefits you in the long run. Being humble is not just a way of maintaining connections with people but also an excellent opportunity to seize ideas, plans and advices from them at the correct moment.
  • Encouraging yourself: One cannot move forward in life if s/he keeps ranting about failures and breakdowns. You should always give credit to yourself and celebrate all kinds of achievements no matter whether they are big or small. These things will help you and guide you in setting your goals in the long run.


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