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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

How AI Is Remodeling Marketing ?

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How AI Is Remodeling Marketing ?

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized the market with its affordable and approachable advanced data analytic techniques. The growth of AI energized marketing is now overtaking the burdens of various marketers, and assigning to machines, helping marketers to turn their focus and efforts towards those marketing activities which means a lot and allowing marketers additional time to devote on any issues which comes in. Also, this enables the marketers to cultivate highly extremely insightful crusades.

AI science allows marketers to differentiate their customer base on the basis of varied persona and discovering the motivating factors for them. Having this sorted information in psyche, marketers concentrate on the clear-cut needs of their target audience and shaping a long-lasting liaison with the company or brand. Now, marketers put more stress on researching their target audience and gaining insight, as consumer insights are the indispensable move towards a strategic marketing crusade.

Earlier days, there was dearth of quality of data which was inflames mostly by the demographics. But with the emergence of powerful AI data analytics, which has unlocked tools to be aware of the target audience for the marketers on a rooted level. Each marketer comprehends that effective marketing is a continuous process. Accompanying never-ending dynamic demands and expectations of customers, it is challenging for any experienced marketer to remain in the circle of prevailing insights.  Although, AI-directed technology is set to reform the marketing scenarios, by awarding the marketers with an extensive amount of quality information at scale, with the help of deep learning.

The market is flooding with the personalised services, and companies which do not satisfy the customers would soon be turning down, as it is apparent that an unsatisfied customer will not return. An impressive approach to provide personalised and deliver world-class customer service is by embracing AI chatbots. These Sci-Fi assistants could assist in building healthy relationships and synergy with the clients at a low cost, effective and persistent manner. They utilise the AI to track and forecast the consumer behaviour, and on the basis of this data they can execute intelligent keywords and personalized customer synergy to create every customer journey exclusive for them.

Brilliant conversational chatbots, could swiftly and right away take care of the challenges as they pop. Chatbot’s functioning revolve around the timer to deliver powerful interactions and enhanced customer service when the problems come up.

Marketers do have additional insights-related technologies to utilise which expediates real data-driven governings although AI is required to support to integrate across technologies, platsforms and the data sets.

Marketers have more insights-related tools at their disposal that facilitate true data-driven decision making but AI is needed to help integrate across tools, datasets and platforms.

The AI revolution in marketing, which I’ll focus on in this post, has been spurred by the influx of affordable and accessible advanced data analytics tools (typically based on machine learning methods), the availability of increasingly rich (albeit still noisy) and extensive datasets, and a growing acceptance among marketers of the potential power of data-driven approaches to marketing decision making. The winds have been blowing in this direction for some time, so this is not a new phenomenon. However, it seems that now we are at the point where almost everyone is talking about it and (hopefully) thinking hard about how AI can and will change how they do things. Here are some of my thoughts on how marketing is being changed by AI.

This article is part of September, 2019 Magazine. Click on link to view the magazine.

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