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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

AI Will Never Outsmart Humans

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AI Will Never Outsmart Humans

Repetitive and monotonous tasks have now become a part and parcel of our lives. However, in the midst of all these standard processes, we somehow tend to lose all of our creativity. As a result of all this, the entrepreneurial spirit is somehow lost thereby affecting the businesses too. This is the reason why companies are always on the lookout for this entrepreneurial spirit which helps their businesses to be competitive enough to survive in the market. But nothing much can be done if the team members are assigned the same boring work as usual.

Here’s when artificial intelligence or AI comes to the rescue. AI will be very much helpful in removing the unpleasant aspects related to the work lives of people. The AI applications, tools and products are helpful in the automation of standard processes which everyone needs to deal during their modern work environment. Not only that, the use of automation or AI in businesses can also reduce wastage of time as the individuals will be able to focus on things that actually matter. In the course of this entire process, they also regain their creativity and become productive.

Nowadays, numerous companies have also started investing on digital transformation and AI. This is because they have realized that they have understood that AI helps in freeing the time of employees so that they become entrepreneurial and creative.

There are times when people fear that AI has replaced the need for human labor. But it is not actually the scenario. This is a fact that artificial intelligence makes work easier. But while analyzing the same, we tend to forget that its creativity is still dependent on machine learning which can be done only with the help of humans. So, the credit here indirectly goes to some genius mindset. Artificial intelligence is a kind of system that only takes input and then performs function thereby producing the output thereafter. That means AI cannot be considered a creative system from any perspective. Whenever anything is put on AI process, it has to go through thorough analysis by humans too. So, undoubtedly, the fact that AI can outsmart humans is completely nonexistent.

Few people also try to compare machine intelligence with the intelligence of the human brain. Well, of course, it may have surpassed the human brain in terms of storage or computation but the real fact her is that it still cannot be considered the superior one. So, there is nothing to fear about human losing their existence because AI is something which is created by them and there is no possibility that it can surpass them or dominate them.

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