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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Anonymous Employee Feedback Is For Good

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Anonymous Employee Feedback Is For Good

Nearly every manager would instruct you that they give importance to the employee feedback. The mechanism in itself could be considered as a very crucial tool in project management as well as innovation. Moreover, their eagerness might quickly go away in case one investigates more into how frequently they engage this process, what is the correct approach to administer it is or in what manner they utilise the outcomes of the feedback.

It is a reality that feedback is an important process in each team effort. Organizations are mindful of its cruciality as well as continuous support the purpose that employee feedback has in their growth as a trade and in their organization ability.

Alternatively, one more fact that is likewise is of common-knowledge although which is infrequently being noticed is the block in mind that one experiences when an individual is in a circumstance of providing employee feedback. This intrinsic fight which one encounters each time an individual is in a situation of assessing as well as commenting on an individual’s actions.

Everyone loves to be liked and not solely in their individual lives, although in their professional lives too. In addition, it also looks like to bare ample importance which our seniors like us due to the fact that he carries the authority on our career as well as financial safety. Hence, we live in a never-ending state of nervousness of what might occur in case our senior does not like us.

Having a fear of losing the job is a kind of self-preservation, refraining from saying something which might be looked upon as negative to an individual in a scenario of authority. It might be the case that my perception of the situation could be considered as displeasing. It is in their authority to get an individual fired so I would for better keep quiet.

What would happen in case a senior person feels this idea is stupid? This question might have come in an individual’s mind while drafting an email or accompanying a conversation. Just like the fear of being evaluated, fear of being humiliated is difficult. We fear social rejection. Therefore, one tries to be better so that individuals do not have any logic to be turned down. The title before time has disclosed my position on this particular subject. Although, this is why anonymous employee feedback is the perfect alternative: it provides employees with the independence to reveal their point of view not having a few of the preceding blocks of the mind.


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