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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Best Questions to be Asked after an Interview

best questions to be asked after an interview
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Best Questions to be Asked after an Interview

Interview is like two way conversation between prospective employee and prospective employer to know each other and assess whether applicant and position for which interview is held are right fit.

Hiring managers/Interviewers are clear on the questions to be asked after going through applicant’s curriculum vitae, which will help them to gather necessary information required for assessing the candidature. But on the other hand when question is asked by hiring manager to applicant “Do you have any question from your side?” applicants most of the time nervously nod their head giving “No” signal with silent murmuring of same “No”. This response could hamper your chance with prospective job opportunity. Hiring manager or anyone who is taking your interview expect questions from the applicant to understand willingness, homework did before interview for the job, curiosity, personality traits or sometimes for the matter eagerness. And nervous “No” may cast negative effect, which can get you “No” from interviewer after the detailed interview. So, best solution is to ask a few relevant questions. Let me help you out:

  • Ask about your role: For example you are salesperson, ask questions how the targets looks like? How the evaluation are done? When evaluation are done? Who takes the evaluation? Similarly if you are some any other profile try to understand about the KRAs and how it look like?
  • Ask about team: Eventough you could be hired as individual contributor for firm but you will be still provided with the team, asked about the other people in the team who are they? What is their background? How the team function? If you are provided with a team to handle try to understand about the team? Functioning of the team and KRAs of the team?
  • Ask about the organisational goals: Don’t hesitate to ask relevant questions in respect to the organisations performance, goals and present health. For example: Ask how organisation has been doing in last few years? What is the goal (goals maybe like increasing market share, increasing revenue or IPO) company is working for in next three-five years of time. Who are the people in CXO/ Management level?
  • Ask about the interviewer professional life: Don’t hesitate to ask about the interviewer’s professional journey. For example: How long you have been working in the present firm? Where were you before joining the present firm?
  • Organisational culture: This is the best question everyone loves to talk about just ask about this.

There may be other relevant questions, which could be asked at the end of interview, understanding the best case scenario. But try to ask atleast 3-5 relevant questions and while the person taking your interview answers those questions please show positive gesture by keeping a smile on the face and nodding head as a symbol of receiving the information shared by the interviewer.


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