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Bye Bye Google+

Bye Bye Google+


Bye Bye Google+

Google Plus is one of the popular social networking services by Google. On Monday, Google announced that they are going to shut down this service for the consumers. This service was launched to compete with the most popular social networking service Facebook. However, it failed to impress users like other social networks such as Facebook. Recently, it was discovered that they are facing huge security breach, which served as a reason for exposure of the private data of more than 50,00,00 users.

This issue was found in the month of March but Google preferred to maintain confidentiality and prevented themselves from disclosing it to the users. The reason was that there was no one who gained the access to the leaked user data and information. According to the “Privacy & Data Protection Office” of company, it was decided that there is no requirement of any legal reports for it. At that time, they decided to stay quiet. However, there came the new rules in Europe and California according to that the companies have to disclose the security episodes.

According to Google, they are going to shut down this service because of low usage and engagement of the users. Reports suggests, more than 90{e7dc6fb6a411593559bed1d9924d8030d60fc3f24c9293f7c98c249df74a0c2f} of the users only use the account of Google Plus with the sessions of less than 5 seconds. They are going to close the service for the normal users but it will be activated for the corporate consumers. They will be able to connect to with their co-workers with this service.

Additionally, Google is going to work on the new policies to make it secure corporate social network now. They also announced the new privacy policy adjustments where they are going to limit the use of data access for the developers on Gmail and Android devices. On the Android devices, the developers will not get the SMS and Call log permissions and there will not be contact contraction data available through Android contacts API.

Moreover Google, said that there was no evidence of the misuse of this data by the outside developers. They committed that all the profiles of the users were untouched. They fixed the security flaw with the update in March month.

They looked for the information about the type of data that was involved and all the evidence of any kind of possible misuse of the data. However, they didn’t find any kind of issues I would answer for the data.

Google is going to shut down Google plus because there are not so many users who spend lots of time on this network. From the August 2019, the consumer version of Google Plus service will be turned off. After that, only corporate users will be able to use this service to stay connected to co-workers. It is considered a big failure of Google to compete with the social network like Facebook and Twitter with Google Plus so it will not be in use by consumers after 10 months.

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