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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Dhoni’s Leadership Skills

Dhoni’s Leadership Skills
Dhoni’s Leadership Skills


Dhoni’s Leadership Skills

Mahendrasinh Dhoni brought many laurels for India as a player and captain of Indian team. After, Tigar Patudi and Sourav Ganguly, Dhoni is the most successful player as a captain. The extra ordinary leadership qualities, outwit the natural player of tremendous abilities in him. There is a lot to learn from MSD for all.

He is explicit or forthright in analysing the defeat or win. He sums up the game well. It is a great quality. In loss his pointed analysis showed the way to improvements. In win he shares the credit with the teammates. He does not forget to mention them in success as a team. He never brags as his own achievement in win and drops it on others in loss. This quality strengthens the spirit of a team effort.  The members understand they are an important cog in the wheel.

He is the iceberg on the field. An expressionless Dhoni  is sometimes an enigma. But it the calmness of him, offers his crucial insights during in crunch time of the match. Even in most electrified moments of the match Dhoni is always calm and never loses his temper. A calm mind is analytical and leads to perfect decisions. An ability sees an event as a dispassionate viewer, always give the right direction.

Have you ever seen MSD doing a wild dance on the field? Nor he shows emotions on the field.  Win and loss does not affect him. He remains grounded in both the events. Win or lose are two sides of the coin. They are not separate. To, understand this reality you need maturity and evolved soul. Equanimity is a quality of spiritually evolved souls. Things go wrong even is fine.he believes in give your best to the team and leave things to destiny.

In the finals of the last world cup against Srilanka in a crunch match he stood there as solid rock. He won the match on his own effort and the World Cup. He leads from the front brought the victory appearing slipping from the hands. A leader must follow what he preaches. Otherwise people do not follow you and leave. The country knows him as match winner. As a player he pulled the team from the jaws of defeat. Even in the twilight of his career his position is firm in the teal because of his is indispensable.

He sets an example and encourages others to do well. In another match he gave ball Ishant Sharma, who in earlier over gave plenty of runs. It was a tight match. But, he showed confidence in him. In miracle, Ishant took two wickets in the over and India won the match.

Leadership qualities conspicuous of him make him legendary cricketer of our time. He encourages people in other fields too. His grass root origins have kept him grounded to the reality of life. His every act is inspiring young Indians. For, sport persons he is a living God.

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