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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Drafting A Resume That Grabs The Attention Of The Recruiters

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Drafting A Resume That Grabs The Attention Of The Recruiters

The recruiters analyse a resume for not more than 6 seconds prior to deciding if it would go into the trash or to take it forward. Many people are not even sure what is written in their resume or confident enough that their resume can pass the 6-second analysis of the recruiters. As a person start searching for jobs as a fresher or looking for a job change, a resume would doubtlessly be the most demanding element since this is the very first thing a recruiter might look for which would reflect the candidate’s profile as well as work experience. This is why it is crucial to draft a resume which can pass the 6-second test easily. 


Candidates might think that putting graphics or alternate info graphical elements might give a uniqueness to the resume. Although, the resume prior to making it to the recruiter, there would be more than 95% chances that it has to pass through a computer scanning program, as well as those creative shapes as well as symbols would create a fuss for the computer. It is better to understand the job description so that you can put relevant keywords which you can put in your resume. In case the job profile asks for a self-work, someone who is enthusiastic to learn or a leader can be surely be added to the resume.  


It is very important to get the right information. For that list the pointers, headings as well as the dates. Odd spacing would create several questions in the minds of the recruiters about the skills which has no connection with the profile you are looking for. 


It is always good to select the verb which means something. Giving preference to “Wrote,” “Managed”, or “Designed instead of writing “Assisted,” “Contributed to”, or “Worked on”. Relevant and specific choices of verbs would fetch extra points. 


Mentioning dates for each and everything provides clarity. It is completely ok to take a break for a year or so to understand life for better reasons, you can always provide an explanation for your time off in the cover letter. 


The older the job, the minimal details one might possess. Don’t write 13 pointers on a job from 5 Years ago. 


It is good to keep it brief. A resume which is written in 5 pages could be justified, although the candidate has to put each and every event in a clear and transparent manner in the form of headings and organization as this would be a description of why you required this much space. 


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