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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Ever Thought Why People Quit Their Job

why people quit their job
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Ever Thought Why People Quit Their Job

The old believe goes “People don’t quit their jobs, they quit their bosses”. We’ve heard this a lot many times and so we thought to deep dive to understand the underlying reason of why people really quit their job?

According to the recent survey conducted by Instructure and The Harris Poll, a lack of career growth is one of the biggest reasons people leave their jobs followed by low pay. 77% of employee feel they’re ‘on their own’ to develop their careers at the company. Payscale released insights from their survey which says, “The average person spends 13 years and two months of their entire lifetime at work”. 25% of people surveyed left for higher pay but 27% of respondents left job with prospect of doing more meaningful work. Mere 2% left because they required more flexible timings. After studying these available surveys and concentrate data we came out with few relevant reasons, which propel people to quit the job.

  • Paycheck: Undoubtedly, paycheck is the first and most prominent reason behind anyone looking for the better opportunities. Person has personal commitment with rises with the passing time and fulfillment of those commitment forces a good employee to look for opportunities which provide better paycheck.
  • Culture: Company culture plays an important role in lifecycle of an employee. Toxic work culture limits the employee to provide long duration of service. Companies need to create a friendly & positive work culture for their employees to give their best.
  • Meaningfulness: A job that does not contribute meaning to the employee work as a catalyst for looking for further better opportunities. Employees look wants to do something that makes a difference and contributes to something bigger than themselves.
  • Lack of employee recognition: A small pat on the back makes a huge difference but sometimes manager forget to do so. Lack of employee recognition is one of the identified issue, which force a good employee to look for new opportunities because somewhere he feels that he is not valued for their contribution and they start looking for better workplace.
  • Learning curve: In the present time, employees expect from their organisation to help him take his/her learning curve ahead. Company providing limited learning opportunities will make employees think to move out in quest to grow & learn something new learning prospects.
  • Growth: Growth in terms of promotion to do new task, new roles & add significant stories in their resume is the need of the hour. Company who are unable to provide growth to their employees are at higher risk of losing them.

Above may not be the all the reasons, which forces an employee to go out in  search of better opportunities but they play major role for forcing an employee to start pursue of better career opportunities.


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