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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Flexi-Staffing: Talent & Myth

Flexi-Staffing: Talent & Myth


Flexi-Staffing: Talent & Myth

Flexi-Staffing industry is beautiful world, where potential job-seeker is connected to potential employer. This connect not only benefit the job-seeker but also dependent members of his family as job provide an opportunity to potential job-seeker to earn livelihood for his family.

But unfortunately, flexi-staffing industry is often circled by myths, which hold back talent from exploring the medium of Staffing industry for getting appropriate opportunity. These unsubstantial myths eventually result in loss at all corners. Being in flexi-staffing industry for long time, I thought to set the record straight and dispel these misconceptions through my column. This column will clear the air for many potential talents and enable them to determine their future decision course through staffing firms.

Introduction to Flexi-Staffing Industry:

Flexi-staffing is part of Staffing industry umbrella. Flexi-Staffing is also known as temporary staffing or contractual staffing. Flexi-Staffing is the process where companies across industry hire professionals as per the requirements for a particular period of time.Every day, flexi-staffing firms sends millions of flexi-employees to work in India. Flexi-Employee works at offices, factories, hospitals, warehouses, and virtually every place that people work, staffing employees are on the job.

As per the ISF (Indian Staffing Federation) report in month of March of 2018 estimated the value of Indian staffing industry at $4.19Bn (€ 3.6Bn). Indian staffing has been growing around 10{e7dc6fb6a411593559bed1d9924d8030d60fc3f24c9293f7c98c249df74a0c2f}-12{e7dc6fb6a411593559bed1d9924d8030d60fc3f24c9293f7c98c249df74a0c2f} CAGR rate with some of the key players contributing in the growths are – Quess Corporation, Teamlease, Randstad, Adecco, Manpower, Kelly, Global Innovsource and many more. Many new entrepreneurs are gradually venturing into staffing industry or its allied sector like technology to establish themselves in the industry.

Flexi-Staffing is a crucial industry that deliver necessary flexibility and support to businesses, and similarly opportunities and flexibility for employees. Companies consider staffing employees to get through busy seasons and to support major projects, new clients, and business growth. The flexibility flexi-staffing gives companies a competitive edge in matching resources and payroll to the needs at hand. More and more, companies are placing an increased premium on a more flexible and agile workforce and staffing plays a vital role in that strategy.

Significant misconceptions from the view of Job-Seekers:

1. Commission in form of cut from pay:  Flexi-Staffing is embodied by an utmost misapprehension that industry charge cut in form of commission from candidate’s pay in lieu of providing him with opportunity.Genuine placement agencies, who are registered with Govt. of India will never preside such action and even their recruiters, who call you for interview will never charge any form of commission from candidates, irrespective of the profile whether it is high paying or low paying because they get payments from Clients for whom hiring is done.

2.Asymmetrical Salary: Following the above discussed issue, another misconception that hold talents from exploring the flexi-staffing-industry is the subject of asymmetrical salary. This is clearly an inaccurate perception. First of all, staffing industry has to follow the guidelines of minimum wages guidelines issue by authorised authority and abide by the law. Secondly, staffing industry is also subject to regular scrutiny to labour department. Thirdly, client and industry player understanding the requirement, nature of job and gravity conventionally propose reasonable elevated remuneration. These remuneration are based on the responsibilities and skills required for each particular position.

3. Opportunities are limited to only entry- level jobs: Another delusion that I would like to dispel is of belief that Staffing Industry only offer bottom of the barrel work. Technically Staffing industry is divided into two broad segment Flexi-Staffing and Search & Selection (Permanent Staffing). Example: Search is specialised service rendered to clients in order to fetch right talent for the executive level positions like CEO, COO & so on.  On the other hand flexi-staffing range from basis skill set requirement such as data-entry operator to warehouse managers, B2B sales managers and more such high skill-set requirement jobs. Staffing- industry has ample opportunities from fresher to retired professionals according to their talent and skill-sets.

4. Opportunities are restricted to small-scale ventures: Another erroneous fallacy but not last that influence the talents, is the sophistry of belief that opportunities are restricted to small-scale ventures. Staffing-Industry works with all sort of firms from small-scale to large-scale. Top notch players are inevitably associated with big brand companies that are well known and reputable around the world. These companies can be considered as corporations or MNCs. Recruitment to these corporations are not only limited to talents but the job-fit analysis, which means that whether the talent is subject to fit with the culture and environment of job.There few more teeny-weeny issues that are corresponded to Flexi-Staffing Industry but if someone is exploring to seek a job through a Staffing Firm then this medium can be a destiny shaper for them. All form of staffing are not only just good for our economy but also essential part that provides vital flexibility and support to businesses, and opportunities and flexibility for employees. As the economy continues to evolve, with information and connectivity coming to dominate its core, the staffing, recruiting, and workforce solutions industry is prepared to provide the vital support businesses need to grow and prosper. I hope that I was able to successfully dispel some of the major myths circling this particular industry.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official position of Article had been published on as-is basis and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any information(s) on this article.

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