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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Friederike Irina Bruening : Part 1- Germany My Motherland



Friederike Irina Bruening : Part 1- Germany My Motherland

When I called Friederike Irina Bruning, I never expected that my call will be answered, let alone I will be granted a telephonic interview. But within few seconds she accepted my invitation for interview and then gave me date and time to call, which I ardently followed, still expecting to be disappointed. But I was not disappointed. On the other hand, her simpler thought, through her simpler words made a lasting impact on me. And with her simpler words she narrated me her story which goes as—

I was born in Berlin, Germany. My father worked in foreign services and my mother was a painter, an artist from soul. As a single child I had freedom to be what I wanted to be as I was never stopped or restricted. I always felt that there is something else for me in life and that I have to go away from my country of birth and I have to find something else in this world, what it was and where it was I didn’t knew. It was a mystery to me also, but I knew I will feel incomplete if I don’t follow my unknown path. So I requested my parents to let me leave Germany. They rejected due to my age.

In Germany you learn till 12th grade and then you go to university. I wanted to leave Germany before my schooling. But my mother promised me to allow me to travel once I complete my schooling. I was waiting for my schooling to get over. I used to cross each day I had spent in school and waited for that day when I will be in a foreign land finding my own path. Today when I think of it, I find it strange to have a strong calling for leaving my home when I was just a child. But today and even back then it made a lot of sense. Finally I crossed my last day and decided to leave and I asked my parents for the same. They knew I would leave even if they say no. My parents especially my father though reluctant agreed. On the other hand, my mother had herself travelled to Europe after her schooling and it was during post world war days that she took this decision. It was a bold decision on her part back then. So somewhere she knew that the best way to support me is to let me be free. My parents gave me some money and their blessings. I had to use that money to travel and if I am able to use the money judiciously I would be able to travel for more than what I had planned. If not my journey of self-search would end within few months. So I left Germany with a plan of 2 years of travel. It’s been 42 years and I am still continuing my journey of life but this time in India. How I came to India is an interesting story in itself.

(Note from Author: The article is written in partnership with Sudevi Dasi. All the information is what she had described. We at Terse Box are just mediator for her story to reach to you.)

This article is part of September, 2019 Magazine. Click on link to view the magazine.

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