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What Is So Special About Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalks?

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What Is So Special About Hagoromo Fulltouch Chalks?

A kind of chalk (blackboard) which was created by solely one factory in Japan for decades was immensely prized by mathematicians that they started referring as ‘the Rolls-Royce of chalk.’ And the moment the talks surfaced about the production of the chalk being stopped, few academicians go on stockpiling a huge number of boxes so they could have their chalk-covered hands for a longer period of time.

The story of Japanese, Fulltouch chalk, producers by Hagoromo stationary in Nagoya, and considered by a number of populations it’s being the most exceptional chalk in the whole globe. The story was newly being featured on YouTube by Great Big Story on the 2nd May 2019. The company is producing chalks for not less than 80 years, it is being considered that people are not lucky enough if they do not live in Japan as Fulltouch chalks are very difficult to obtain. Suddenly, the company was planning to close down in the year 2015, this was turned out to be the nightmare of various academicians turned customers who are very fond of this sort of chalk. It was very difficult for them to imagine writing something on the blackboard without Hagoromo chalk, so they started preparing themselves for a world where Hagoromo chalks are no longer available. They started buying dozens of dozens of boxes, some more hoarding enough chalk to write on the blackboard by the end of their careers. As the video depicts, they were so obsessed with this kind of chalk, that they knew this chalk would never write a wrong theorem on the blackboard.

Let’s find out what kind of chalk it is and why academicians are going mad about it? According to a Google engineer who held a doctorate in mathematics named, Jeremy Kun, wrote in a blog post of his in the year 2015 while bidding farewell to Fulltouch, said academicians in the videos explained about Hagoromo chalks in the gleaming terms. The chalk’s property is such that it lasts for a longer period, nearly unbreakable, dazzling and ease for readers to read from a blackboard, it feels like smooth butter while writing, and almost dustless.

This chalk gained so much popularity especially among the mathematics professionals that escorted by its legends in the video it was said that it is impossible to write a false theorem with Fulltouch chalk according to David Eisenbud who is the director of the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute in Oakland, California.

People who are obsessed with Fulltouch chalks and did not want to miss the chance to fill their closets as well as cupboards with Fulltouch chalks a ray of hope appeared. The company Hagoromo sold out its magical Fulltouch recipe as well as its two of the firm’s unusual chalk-machines to the Sojongmall, a Korean Business firm. The chalk is being produced once more with full churn under its authentic name and can be found to in the Amazon US stores.

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