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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

How To Turn Productive During Stressful Time

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How To Turn Productive During Stressful Time

We always presume that if we know the ways by which we can minimize the stress we encounter, then surely our productivity would grow. Although, this is not the right one. It is very much true that stress could lead to health risks, but we usually motivated to get rid of it as we would love to live happily, and long lives. Although, studies depict that few kinds of stress could literally be advantageous to performance.

On the basis, “The Yerkes-Dodson Law”, performance grows as the mental as well as physiological (stress) grows although solely to a point. As the level of the stress turns very high, it affects the body and hence the performance of the person minimizes. Various tasks need varying levels of enthusiasm for excellent performance, has been discovered through studies. For example, challenging or unusual tasks ask for endurance or perseverance having greater levels of motivation to stimulate as well as enhance motivation.

Provided this linkage between performance and stress, it is advantageous to comprehend the amount of stress one is presently facing during working hours. One can opt for generally used Perceived Stress Scale, coined by Sheldon Cohen, Tom Kamarck and Robin Mermelstein.

The higher range of scores, as one might assume, coincide with a high range of stress levels. On the basis of the test conducted by people in executive education classrooms as well as in studies administered by alternate groups, scores near 13 are treated as average. Normally, scores in this particular range show that a person’s concentration, as well as interest, are at the appropriate level, permitting one to be effective at work. Talking about Yerkes-Dodson law, these kinds of scores commonly coincide to an excellent level of motivation and hence performance.

In case the score comes out to be much greater or much lesser, one likely to encounter stress in a manner which is harmful towards productivity. In specific, scores like 20 or greater than that commonly designed to show an unproductive level of stress in general terms, scores around of 4 or lesser could be a questionable situation due to the fact that they highlight a deficient level of encouragement to maintain the engagement during the working hours. When this happens, one should seek out the lively approaches of growing the stress by embracing additional challenging tasks or accountabilities. Growing stress might face counterintuitive, although one should remember that, on the basis of the studies, growing enthusiasm is a reason to have increased attention as well as interest to a point.

Few suggestions to minimise the stress level to an additionally more productive level.

One can enhance your control.

Look out for possibilities to be genuine.

Embrace Rituals.


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