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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Hyperloop One In India

Hyperloop One In India
Hyperloop One In India


Hyperloop One In India

The frame work of agreement between Maharashtra Government and Virgin’s Hyperloop One in February 2018 to set up hyper fast corridor between Pune and Mumbai. It has far-reaching consequences for the transportation model of the country. Entire country is looking eager for positive results of Hyperloop experiment. Hyperloop will connect long distances in record time. Many busy corridors will then raring to go with Hyperloop technology. It will revolutionise the transportation.  On Indian side, a visionary policy decision is to start the new technology in the nascent stage.  And, it will change the transport ecosystem. Till to date India embraced the proven technologies in the second or third phase of their life cycle. But Pune- Mumbai project by Hyperloop is in the development stage and if successful will have huge payoffs for the country.

The increasing demand on infrastructural facilities, compatible regulatory framework, availability technical manpower and low cost manufacturing base make India ideal destination for Hyperloop investment. The biggest payoff of Hyperloop, it is complementary to the existing high-speed rail projects in the country. It will give the push to the fastest transportation.

Hyperloop is a pod (Capsule) moving with very high speed. Electric motors drive the pod and sealed in the tube of exact size. Since sealed in tube very little resistance offered to the pod and so it moves at hyper-speed. The high operating voltages will reduce the size of drives and cables of pods. The expected speed of Pune -Mumbai Hyperloop is 1100Kmph. It takes a passenger from Pune to the destination in 25 Minutes. Hyperloop  is in the research stage in USA. But Virgin technologies claim to have cracked the operational design and feasibility of Hyperloop. The rest start-ups in USA are still in a research phase. The Mumbai to Delhi distance will take 55 minutes by Hyperloop.

Virgin Technologies of USA are in their last phase of the feasibility study on demonstration track on Pune- Mumbai corridor. The Hyperloop is in development stage. The demonstration track results will decide the future of the project. Another hurdle is Virgin technologies have to choose the Indian partner in the project if the demonstration is successful. The foreign player will have hick up in choosing a partner from PSU.  Till, such time the airplane remains the fastest mean of transport in the country.

Hyperloop will revolutionise the transport model in India. Imagine a passenger reaches in two hours to Mumbai by Bullet train and in next 25 minutes to Pune via Hyperloop. New technology will change the human life. Change in face of transportation and ease of doing the business will follow.

Hyperloop besides the technology payoffs shows the bold decision making by political establishment. Others wise the costs and no understanding of technology gave shivers to political corridors and indecision prevailed. The out of box thinking in power corridors have made administrators find new avenues of innovation. That is a positive outcome in Hyperloop experiment. Let us pray for its success.

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