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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Identifying an Amazing Mentor

identifying an amazing mentor
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Identifying an Amazing Mentor

Role & need of mentor is often described in the corporate context, whereas throughout our life we come across lots of people who play the role of mentors in our life. They help us grow, take decision & encourage us to look forward optimistically despite challenges, fear and failure. Role of mentor are can played by our parents, siblings, friends, teachers, bosses and as well as our colleagues.

Question that make us think is often related to the characteristics or qualities that makes them an amazing mentor & people looking to have a mentor in their live should often try to identify below mentioned qualities in the person, from whom we expect to play the role of mentor in our growth journey.

  • Should be a listener: World is full of people who love to talk for hours and hours but unfortunately we rarely come across people who have patience enough to listen to you. A person who has time and patience to hear you is the right person to play the role of mentor. Because unless you hear the problems, concerns, feedbacks and feelings of the person you are mentoring then advice on achieving expected mutual identified goals is tough.
  • Set the expectations: It is advised to first identify the mentor from the particular field where you are looking to grow through his continuous feedback and guidance. Secondly, have extensive decision with him on your present situation & future endeavour with discussion on the areas where you need his help. If he is able to support you in your quest enthusiastically and deliver as per the mutual expectation then he is the right man for the role.
  • Appreciate learning curve: Neither life has hard and fast rule nor learning curve is straight. Life is outcome of trial and error methodology and a person who is ready to let you have self-learning through outcomes of trial and error methodology is the one to be hired straightaway.
  • Push you out of comfort zone: People excel when they are out of their comfort zone and getting out need self-motivation as well as motivation from external forces. And if your mentor is the one to push you out your comfort zone then success is definite.
  • Experienced with success stories: People who are looking to identify their mentor should not only limit the focus on the experience he has in his field as well as the experience he has of mentorship but also look for his success stories of being a mentor.

Above discussed points are few specific discussion on getting a mentor but a person who is reading this article to understand the qualities he/she should look in a mentor should not restrict themselves to above five.

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