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The lesson to learn from Innovative Organizations

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The lesson to learn from Innovative Organizations

The practice of multiple cause diagram helps to investigate as the number of causes that leads to an innovative organization like Google. This helps to give a list of items in a channelled manner which helps to identify its great success ingredients.

At Google’s ambitious puddle of talented manpower comes from their aim to acquire a positive standard of accomplishments. The function-based grouping and product-based grouping is the example of exploiting the manpower in a specialized manner. Function-based grouping helps the organization use their expert talented pool to work on their specialized task ex. Engineering and Design Team. On the other hand, the product based expertise grouping is for their Nexus and Fibre based commerce. The Flatness provides the employees to openly interact and share ideas, views, opinions, etc. with each other and also directly to the CEO in their weekly meeting (TGIF) with him. The openness and innovative thinking culture at Google motivate its employees to perform something unique to come out as distinctive in the market. Google’s work culture is designed in such a way that the employees distribute knowledge and experience by creating a company family rapport culture. The culture at Google is beyond work-based tasks where employees have the freedom to get interested in projects and experiments on the basis of their expertise.

A control system helps to control the operations which are taking the organization towards innovation. It helps to get a clear vision of the whole process along with those making relevant modifications during the cycle if needed. This finally helps to achieve the actual output which is being aimed.

The organization focuses on hiring a pool of talented candidates and accordingly make strategies to exploit them properly. The expert talent help to gain innovative ideas into practicality.

The flat structure system followed by the organization helps the employees to mingle with each other and open discussion and sharing of ideas with the help of brainstorming sessions with the CEO help to boost the employee’s motivation to keep on inventing and innovating something or the other in the form of different innovative products and services in the market. The facilities being provided in the organization no doubt attract a lot of talented candidates to join the company and work with an open mind using the delights Google offer.

In Google creativity flows as the experienced or seniors impart their learning experiences and knowledge to their counterparts which helps maintain a learning environment throughout the organization. This helps a lot in the process as there would be a continuous flow of innovative products and services into the market which the customer enjoys.

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