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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Life at Silicon Valley

life at silicon valley
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Life at Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley which is situated in San Francisco Bay of North California is considered to be the global center for innovation, social media and advanced technology. Some of the world’s largest high – tech corporations and startup companies are situated in this valley. For the unversed, the microcomputer, microprocessor and integrated silicon – based circuits were being developed in this area. Sounds cool, doesn’t it? The presence of high – tech businesses in the Bay area has also led to the development of tourism along with other aspects. Overall, the business and social ethos of Silicon Valley support entrepreneurship and of course, innovation.

Well, those who are obsessed with aspects like startups, business and technology, may have definitely dreamt of living in the Silicon Valley at least once in a life time. In fact, who doesn’t? Even when a secondary student or a non – tech individual would browse through Google and get to know about Silicon Valley, s/he would also think about going there, at least once. Well, that’s the beauty of the high – tech centered Silicon Valley!

However, if you are someone who is about to plan or has been planning about moving to Silicon Valley, here are a few things that you need to know about the lives people are living there:

  • The individuals living in Silicon Valley have a completely different lifestyle as compared to individuals living in other parts of the world. We can’t deny this basic fact right? It will almost feel like living on a different planet!
  • Commuting 10 hours to work is very much normal for those who are living in Silicon Valley. The people living here do not find it typical to work a total number of 80 hours per week. It seems like they have become entitled and habituated to the strict schedule.
  • Buying luxurious vehicles which are yet to be designed is no big deal in Silicon Valley. Yes, you heard it right! Here, individuals have the flexibility to order and even buy some particular car model even before it gets launched in the market.
  • RVs and electric scooters are a common sight in the Silicon Valley. What astonishes us is the growing number of RV – dwellers in the bay. The reason behind this is that recreational vehicles are a cheap solution for accommodation. So, in this way, the individuals do not have to spend about half their income in buying condos and flats some of which cost more than $1 million.
  • In other parts of the world, shipping containers are mostly used for transferring of goods from one place to another. However, in Silicon Valley, these shipping containers are being used for another purpose. Some of these containers have now been converted into office spaces and even homes because of one reason – low cost.
  • Annual TED conferences are a must for individuals living in the Silicon Valley. Moreover, it is also very easy to become a member for attending the conferences which are basically related to entertainment, technology, design and many other aspects.

So, are you ready for moving in? Or are you having second thoughts yet again? Confusing isn’t it? Well, as it is said – When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So, why not try out living in the Silicon Valley, right?

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