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Start Listening to Podcast from Today

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Start Listening to Podcast from Today

According to recent statistical data available, 70% of Americans have tuned to podcast, which is 64% increase YoY. 32% Americans are monthly listener of podcast & 51% of Americans aged 12 & above have listened to podcast. Data clearly reflect the positive adoption of podcast in the American society but questions arises, what benefit are derived from these podcast? Before answering this question, let’s understand what is Podcast?  According to the definition Cambridge dictionary, Podcast is “a radio programme that is stored in a digital form that you can download from the internet and play on a computer or on an MP3 player”.

Podcasts are available mostly free in YouTube as well as other streaming platforms like Spotify & Apple iTunes. Moving towards the answer on understanding the benefits it deliver in our live are:

  1. Learn, Grow & Innovate: Podcast are available on variety of topics from arts, music, business, startups, innovation, technology & lists go on. If you are interesting in learning practical lessons from the life of experienced individuals who deliver their knowledge then podcast it the right solution from you. These podcasts fill your mind with past, present & future possibilities, which help you in building imagination & motivate to innovate. And probably they might help you with the information you need for starting your entrepreneurial journey.
  2. Honest: These podcast are honest discussion, sharing of experience & ideas by people. These are not sponsored content related to marketing tactics of firms. People who podcast are honest with their experience, life, journey, criticism, idea & feedback.
  3. All you need to listen: We live in busy life and often involved in lots of multitasking, which leave us with limited time for personal growth. One of the best benefit of podcasts are that they are available in audio and all you need to do is listen, while performing other activities. This audio based podcasts help you in garnering knowledge despite performing multitasking and even you can listen them anywhere you want.
  4. Entertainment: Yes, it entertainment also. Other than shows, music & movies available on our streaming platforms, Podcasts are another medium of entertainment too. Podcast are experience & knowledge delivered in form of stories, which help you to garner knowledge & avail entertainment too.

We have many other benefits to discuss but we would like to focus on the major benefits, which we at Tersebox finds important for our audience to understand. And these benefits have inspired us at Tersebox to come up with our own podcasts, which are available in podcast section of our website. Do listen, enjoy & innovate with our podcast.


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