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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Follow These Steps to Draw Logical Conclusion

logical conclusion
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Follow These Steps to Draw Logical Conclusion

Our momentum of drawing hasty and undue conclusion on any matter whether related to politics, startups, life, decision or XYZ topics is faster than speed of Torsion pendulum. Sometimes we draw conclusion within few seconds from opening of argument or point or discussion and sometime we draw conclusion like a scalded cat with hearing the first word of the sentence like DONALD TRUMP. Don’t you think if we were so good at drawing sound and logically correct conclusion within fraction of seconds then from Tim cook, Satya Nadella, Mary Mcniff, Elon Musk, Professor Akshay Venkatesh, Donald Trump and such personalities would have hired as an advisor? Making loose conclusion through bias mindset, majoritarian view or just we have to utter our unwarranted expert conslusion makes us intellectually vulnerable and prone to making fool of yourself. Two identified reasons according to me for doing so are patience and flamboyance.

PATIENCE, which exists in majority of the people is the one of the reason we draw such binary precipitous conclusion. We don’t let ourselves endure patience to hear what other person is speaking or looking to convey. We just want to close the discussion with unsound conclusion thinking ourselves not less than Harvey Specter. FLAMBOYANCE, it is not necessary for everyone to know everything in this world, example it is not necessary for practicing finance guy to know how to plough a field or how to launch a rocket for Moon? But since we have to maintain existential space for ourselves in the group, we utter unsolicited conclusion despite having limited knowledge and sometime that knowledge is equivalent to null set.

Then what should we do? I would advise person reading this article to follow right hand thumb rule i.e. ‘It is not necessary to revert all the time in discussion”. Second if you want to draw conclusion then follow three simple steps 1. Listen 2. Research 3. Analyse and then Conclude. First step first, try to listen other person patiently, try to understand the context, then move to next step of Research. Use Google or other sources to collect contextual relevant data, facts and figure. Now use step of Analysing, try to analyse the collected data to draw sound and pertinent conclusion. Following above steps will not only help in getting identified as wise and logical man but also help you in cultivating intellectualism in drawing life changing decision in times to come.

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