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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Marketers: Selling Reality Is The New Game, Not Selling Dreams!

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Marketers: Selling Reality Is The New Game, Not Selling Dreams!

These days marketers have changed their ideology they are more into incorporating data into storytelling to describe the ‘how’, ‘what’, ‘who’ as well as ‘why’s as this helped them gain the attention of a large number of engaged listeners says, Dan Ariely, US behavioural economist. He says so because he believes that people do not show much enthusiasm towards data or facts. The magical key ingredient is ‘storytelling’. Stories hold emotions which facts and figures does not and emotions get people to do all the types of things, says Ariely.

Storytelling is already a marketing stunt. It is just like a fashion in the advertisement domain to idolize its strength to persuade over the analytics and factual things. It is acceptable by all as it fits well.

It is being understood that great marketers not only bring about something which is not present in the world market but also regulate the pathway, with as much precision as required, for making sure that it gets delivered.

Silicon Valley as well as the behavioural economists also, possess a habit to play fast and loose by the idea of storytelling. The break down which is by chance glossed over is amongst the one amid retrospective as well as a prospective way of thinking. Business as well as the leadership storytelling, interchangeably, tends to bend towards the prospective.

A leader can speak up at an international conference and stimulate the story of a brand that has been seeing a fall-back, although it will strengthen itself as well as muscle its approach not just back to where it was but to the very top and come out as a flying color. Particularly, when it all escorted by a loud brand video.

The actual storytellers do not solely provoke the ‘who’, ‘what’ or ‘why’ although educate, surprise as well as inspire with the ‘how’ as well. It is being understood that the great marketers do not only work towards what is missing in the world market rather they provide the pathway, with as much precision as necessary to make sure that it gets delivered for the progress of both customers as well as the business. This actually means facing details initially and talking about it right away. Ariely is having the right as well as the wrong opinion towards the dismissal of the data as a thing to keep people enthusiastic or motivated.

Certainly, it is not that much inspiring if the facts and figures are displayed just as an array of numbers as well as facts. Although, what if they are connected as an important section of the storytelling, just like there would be no theme without them?

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