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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Wooing Monday Blues

Wooing Monday Blues


Wooing Monday Blues

Monday Blues can be portrayed as an array of negative mental state which numerous individuals encounter on the very Monday, which looks like they are not feeling happy at work. It has components of depression, fatigue, despair and a feeling which try convincing that work is sour but also an unavoidable one.

The Monday Blues are so much widespread that they have turned out to be an advancing (cultural) phenomenon. It also can be said that it could be more than just passing fatigue; there could be a sometimes a genuine warning red flag that something might not be appropriate at work. If someone is happy, they would be excited and electrified on Mondays, instead of being fatigued or depressed.

According to Rita Friedman, a career coach, if an individual love his/her work and is passionate about he/she does, then going to work on Mondays would be rather an opportunity to do what one loves. However, someone is feeling in appreciative or nonhappy with the job, it could be the case where it could be very problematic to start one more non-ending workweek.

It is understood with the help of numerous researches in psychology as well as neurology that the present emotional condition has immense impact the performance of the work and when one is in the blue feeling one seems to be less or non-productive, barely motivates, more despondent, without any creative thoughts, minutely engaged and learn too slow—are few consequences.

Here are few tips to overcome the Monday blues:

1.    Find the challenge

2.    Plan to do list Monday to Friday

3.    Prepare a list of the things which one is excited to do

4.    Switch off oneself for the weekend

5.    Get good sleep and rise early

6.    Dress to win over

7.    Be certain of the things

8.    Make someone smile

9.    Keep the schedule of Monday simpler

10.    Participate in fun activities at work

11.    Organize post-work arrangements

Along with the above tips one can practice of reminding oneself the important goals which are scheduled for the week ahead and these not required to be the sizable goals. The days set for each goal must also to be considered. It has to be kept in mind that journey of 1000 goals start with the very first step.

It is imperative to sit on a Sunday evening for some time to plan the whole week work. It would be a bit difficult in the beginning as to why to disturb the mind on a relaxing day, but this is the 20-30-minute booster shot for the mind and one would be soon used to it. Recall what all work was done throughout the week and what was pending. This will boost the morale, flow of ideas, strategies for next week for a task, etc.  This would start the cognitive process much before the time when Monday Blues start to hit the mind. This process will make the mind start preparing for the next day rather inserting oneself into the trap of the Monday blues.

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