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Mystery Of Jatinga

Mystery Of Jatinga


Mystery Of Jatinga

Very few people might have heard about the place called Jatinga. It is a small village which is located in the state of Assam in North East India. This place is popular not because of its scenic beauty but for a completely different reason – bird suicides.

A unique phenomenon happens in this place every year in between the months of September and November when several migratory birds as well as local birds are known to commit mass suicide in the village. Just after sunset, these birds start descending from the sky and crash into trees or houses and fall to their death. This phenomenon has baffled everyone including the villagers, scientists and environmentalists.

However, after various studies and research, it has been concluded that the birds actually do not commit suicide but are actually killed. One of the main reasons behind their death happens to be the monsoon fog. After sunset, the birds are attracted towards the village lights due to which they fly towards them. But during this onset, they end up hitting the walls of houses or the trees because of getting disoriented by the fog. As a result, some of these birds die while the injured ones are killed by the villagers using bamboo sticks or catapults. However, now various wildlife officials and conservation groups have taken steps to prevent the killing of the birds by making the people in the village aware of the consequences.

But, the mystery does not end there. There are still many things surrounding around Jatinga that are yet to be solved. For instance, various studies have shown that the birds come here only from the North and they have a pre decided strip on the village where they usually land. It has also been revealed that the birds are not at all attracted by the lights of the southern part of the village. It has also not been revealed regarding why these birds choose to travel only during the night time in this place.

Many ornithologists have tried to study, research and explain this strange phenomenon but none of them have been able to come up with a perfect and precise answer.

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