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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Way To Stop Over-Committing At Workplace

Way To Stop Over-Committing At Workplace
Way To Stop Over-Committing At Workplace


Way To Stop Over-Committing At Workplace

Employee engagement in commercial resource services- an industry which is 24/7 active- creates a situation which is very challenging to be on the top of everything. It creates situations for the employees to be overworked, overwhelmed and over-committed.

Here are a few tips to overcome the situations:

A. Review The To Do List

One has to make a priority to check the to-do list before taking any other task. If, the list shows there is a possibility to take more task then block the time. In case, one is engaged in something already, a review of the list would help re-negotiate with them to do tasks. It is better to take help of the manager when there is a confusion to opt which one first. Also, a suggestion can be taken if one can take more tasks or not.

B. Analyse The Crucial Task

One has to give it a thought as how appealing or interesting an opportunity could be and consideration should be made to contribute to it. Assess the scale and outlook of the application one can actually commit to.

C. (Re) Arrange Present Tasks

If one aspires to take up a new assignment, one has to give it a thought as to how one requires to re-arrange the present assignments to finish it. Outline the steps one has to undergo and the duration this assignment would take to finish. One has to be realistic in estimation rather being overwhelmed with oneself.

D. Learn The Aft Of Denying

When one is not convinced of taking on an assignment, it is safe to say no without wasting time. The more one delays, the tougher it turns to refuse the task. One can say, “This task sounds interesting but sadly, I have enough on my plate already.” If one wants to think before saying yes to an assignment, one can say, “This is certainly a great assignment. I would love to take up but let me go through my availability and come back on this.

E. Offer To Do Little Help Instead

One has to be empathetic while saying no to an opportunity (task) due to the fact it is necessary to cultivate good bonding with the colleagues. Look out for some small things to help them.

F. Delegate If Possible

Try reaching out to other co-workers for assistance, or a fellow member who could help to take the additional workload. This depicts initiative as well as an intent to help the work get done what if the work belongs to someone else’s.

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