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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Tips for Growing Patience

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Tips for Growing Patience

Be Patient, My Friend, Be Patient”, all us must have heard this line multiple times in our life. With virtue we have to accept the advice as we don’t have any other way left. The line is actually a great advice, Patience is prerequisite for us to grow in life. Having Patience and showing patience is two different thing.

Now, since I have mentioned that Patience is important part of our life and it help us grow professionally as well as personally. Then let me help you in growing patience with few relevant & constructive tips:

  • Accept to Wait: Let’s start with the discussion on a scenario when you are out for an interview and you have arrived an hour earlier from scheduled time and despite being before time, your interview get delayed by an hour, in short you have to wait for two hours. Since job is important and you have no other option in that unfavourable situation than all you are left with is to wait. Like above example in similar manner, try to accept the waiting time whether you have favourable or unfavourable conditions. Because in above example wait period is of two hours but tomorrow in some other circumstances it can be two to twenty years. One you have cultivated the habit to wait in all favourable and unfavourable situation you will called with rare tag of “Patient Man” with respect and it can help you to face all challenges in life more tactical manner.
  • Mediation: I know many might be expecting this tip to be part of the list. We would advise you to start taking small session of meditation because in order to pursue a fruitful mediation session you have to be patient and psychologically positive. Trying doing small mediation on regular basis.
  • Start Identifying Priorities: Confusion is part of our daily life and we cannot avoid confusion. We are often confused on choice, decision and creating priority list. So, let’s start identifying and making lists of the things that hold priority for and important. Things which are out of the list should be ignored. For example: suppose you have to drive to a friend’s house and meanwhile while driving you meet someone and had a chat for an hour. In those situation, say hello, change numbers and move back to the task you are pursing. Because arriving on time is your priorities and if you fail to do so then possible exchange of heated arguments must be anticipated.
  • Avoid Saying Anything That Hurts: Let’s take above example and continue, often in an argument we are more concentrated on reverting with full bluntness instead of keeping quiet and listening to others with calmness. Situation could exist for minutes or a few hours but during that time we should hold ourselves. We should try to control ourselves from uttering any such verbal rebuttal whose impact can be emotional or psychological with long lasting effect.
  • Solving Puzzle: Solving puzzle need your psychological concentration with patience to solve it. I would personally advice you to start solving Rubik’s Cube.

Keep practising above tips and keep sharing our tips with your friends, colleagues & relatives, which will help them grow in life and became a better participant of the society.

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