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Person Behind Google Suggest

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Person Behind Google Suggest

Google Suggest was introduced by Google in US in the year 2008. Google Suggest also known as autocomplete is a Google search function (algorithm) that helps user to get the suggestions as they enter their search into the google search box. Suggestions that appear in the search boxes are termed as – Predictions by Google. Suggestions appears on the basis of other people’s search queries in the past, which means it is an indicator for high popularity of the corresponding search term.

These suggestions are based on the past searches, frequency, popularity and location. If you are someone in UK searching for Amazon then the search suggestions will be different from the search suggestions that appear to Google user in USA or India. Location is important for getting most appropriate suggestions, country you’re living, the state, even the city can produce different suggestions. Similarly, if you are an Indian and most of the Indian search suppose shoes at Amazon then similar auto suggest result will be reflecting in the search boxes according to location and popularity of the past frequent searches. Google Searches also help in auto spelling correction suggestion of the searched topic to give you most appropriate result according to your search item.

Well I know the title is on the man behind auto suggest on the features of Google auto suggest. Kevin Gibbs, a Stanford graduate who joined Google from IBM before Google went public is the man who invented or you can say built by auto suggest at Google. Kevin Gibbs built this while shuttling from San Francisco to Mountain View headquarters in a bus. First thing that Gibbs built was URL predictor, which completes the remaining options from the Google’s immense corpus of Web content.

Today, Kevin Gibbs is at Quip, mobile productivity startup, he co-founded along with the former Facebook CTO Bret Taylor. Gibbs says in an interviewIt feels like this is just how the world’s supposed to work. I don’t feel any personal attachment to it unless I stop to think about it.”


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