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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

eNAM: PM Modi Changing Agriculture Marketing

eNAM: PM Modi Changing Agriculture Marketing


eNAM: PM Modi Changing Agriculture Marketing

Looking for a single window for farm produce buying and selling for wholesales purpose then you do not have to run around from market to market or get locked in the market near to your place. Just click the e-NAM. National Agriculture Market (NAM) is a dedicated portal for farm-related businesses. It is for farmers, their representatives and farming business people for easy in buying and selling of farm produce for reasonable rates. For the long years middle men duped farmers and consumers in India. They needed a fair and transparent mechanism for the transactions related to the farm produce. e-NAM provides the deserved platform for all the stakeholders.

SFAC (small Farmer Agribase Consortium) launched the e-NAM portal for the stakeholders.

Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

Honorable Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Modi launched this path braking portal on 14 April 2016. e-NAM links 585 markets or APMCs in 16 states and enjoys membership of 45 lakh farmers. It connects the 22,000 villages and their local markets to e-NAM. e-NAM enables single licence in a state for all the transactions. It levies one point of entry fee for the market and harmonises the quality standards for the farm produce. Liberal licensing for traders and buyers is another

attractive feature of e-NAM is worth mentioning.

The website of e-NAM is simple and self-explanatory. One of the notable features about website is a space provided for aspirational districts. The aspirational districts are underdeveloped districts in the country and need special help for the progress. By assuming a space for them the aim is to bring the area under the quick development. The website displays the rates of commodities and updates them regularly. There is a proviso of registration for the farmers and associated entities to the farm business. One can register as the individual or as FPO (Farm Producer Organisation). Registration of FPO is another strong feature of the portal. FPO allows the group of farmers to form an organisation to sell the produce. It takes care of the small farmer having no reserve stocks to sell their produce avoiding the large number of middlemen. The farmer’s space hoists information of various mandies and the quality parameters for the commodities. They keep abreast the information updated in the regular basis and farmers of the information. Traders section deals with the commodity prices, details of Mandies, the list of approved commodities, quality parameters and details’ of incentives. It dedicates a section to MIS in statistics section and offers greater insight of performance of each market. There is a facility for online registration for the farmers and traders after submitting the essential documents on line. It is easy, someone can register in no time. e-Learning section educates the member about different facilities and procedures  connected with the sale, buying and another aspects. A facility of phone gate entry helps to book advance gate entry for the farmer to a market and avoid crowding at the entry of the gate. e-NAM portal can integrate entire agribusiness in the India.

e-NAM have a very transparent bidding system and all the payments effected via electronic mode. It trades ninety commodities on e-NAM. e-NAM has become popular among the farmers due to its ease and the speed. At present system allows intra market trading but in next phase inter market trading also planned. Best way to use e-NAM is to download the app on the smart phone and continue to deal with various organisations, traders and interested entities. A non techno savvy farmer can do his dealing through the agent too. It saves the ordeal of transporting the farm produce to nearest market and reduces the wastage due to transportation. A farmer can store the produce more too.

e-NAM is an efficient system saves the farmer and consumer from the brokers and middlemen. Traders can do secondary trading from APMC to another. The local trader gets access to National Market. Consumer gets stable prices and can lift the required quantity of the produce. Manpower to operate the markets thus will reduce. The reporting system and bookkeeping activities of markets will reduce too. The tendering process will free from the manipulations. Since the market does all the activities, the market allocation fee will increase.

e-NAM  is changing the face of agriculture marketing. Marketing of agriculture products was missing in the previous era and farm producer had to depend on the few in the circuit to dispose of the produce at the good price. Now in this system entire country or the state is available for the marketing. The big malls or big outlets are on the lookout for quality and right priced commodities for their customers. For them e-NAM is the perfect platform for the correct choice of stuff.

eNAM will deliver the aspirations of new age Indian farmer and make him rich and satisfied.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official position of Article had been published on as-is basis and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any information(s) on this article.

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