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The Term ‘SHADOW BANNING‘ is a Digital way to used to ban people from forms, social media, or any other message boards without any prior alert to them. Basically, it means that the user will continue posting as he/she was doing but the post will be hidden from the rest of the community. The idea came up to existence in the thought of protecting any form, message board, or any social media network from harmful and dispute arising conversation or statement on the global level.

Why is it hitting the headlines?

A few months ago, Twitter was accused by American President Donald Trump for shadow banning prominent republicans as it was seen that twitter wasn’t auto auto-populating Republicans in its public search suggestions.But after the accusation of President, Twitter defended and stated that it was a bug, not an act of shadow banning and also clarified the fact that users are still able to see their tweets from accounts that they follow, and it doesn’t involve any ranking on the basis of political view or the substances of tweet.

History and orientation of Shadow Banning

The concept was originated in mid-1980 by Citadel BBS Software to overcome the issues of problematic and abusive users in its social environment. The terms like stealth banning, ghost banning or comment ghosting then were also used to describe the concept of shadow banning. Use of shadow banning has prominently happened in social media sites or apps like Reddit, WeChat, Twitter, and Instagram to ban certain posts, comments, keywords which were abusive to users. Although, the concept of shadow banning was sometimes used on general users as well like it had happened with the Reddit users in 2015, after the addition of Account Suspension Feature in the website.

The use of shadow banning was then found in WeChat in 2016 as well, to ban posts and messages that contained abusive or misbehavior projecting keywords. And also in late 2014, the use of shadow banning was visible in turkey censoring thousands of users tweet over that year period through shadow banning.

Even last year, in 2017, the use of Shadow Banning was seen that made unable to see certain posts who do not follow one in hashtag searches.

The concept looked so evil to the user with the fact that user won’t even realize that he/she is hidden from the whole community, simply the concept of hiding the blocking was to doesn’t let the user create a new account to continue the use of abusive and misguiding comments or posts.

The agenda of Facebook to overcome such issues:

The marketing skills and agendas were always been different in Facebook than other social media platforms, as to overcome existence of such users and misguiding environment in the network they have algorithm that simply decreases the visibility of such pages or users rather than completely blinding them from the network, but still there were pages that were shadow banned that were found to be totally fake or false to doesn’t let there any rumors spread among the other users.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not reflect the official position of Article had been published on as-is basis and does not assume any responsibility or liability for any information(s) on this article.

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