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Is Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Different?

recruitment and talent acquisition
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Is Recruitment and Talent Acquisition Different?

A number of individuals think the two concepts recruitment and talent acquisition are identical in nature although organizations which keep an eye on the broader picture understands that there is a substantial difference among the two concepts. Both are comparable to long term as well as short term- speedy fixes vs long term planning. Both the propositions could be utilised relying on the situations, although one look like more tactical in its nature and the other looks more strategic.

Recruitment or hiring is more about filing the positions. Talent acquisition on the other hand is considered to be an ongoing strategy to look for expert leaders or prospective executives for an organization. Talent acquisition put more emphasis on long term HR planning as well as seeking able candidate for certain positions which ask for very distinguished skillset.

The Founder and President, Ryan Naylor of, an organization linking domestic jobs with local job lookers. He says talent acquisition focuses more on the strategic side of hard positions to fill.

Few of the niche markets which might look for talent acquisition outlooks which utilises technology, medicine, law as well as financial administration. According to a report from Forbes, above over a million jobs vacancies in the cybersecurity was there solely in the year 2016. Niches job roles in few specialty sectors might limit the pond of potential aspirants even more. With the rapid growth of technology as well as the advancement of highly specialised technology-based jobs, it is secure to say that IT as well as technology fields are in much higher need of a powerful talent acquisition strategy than any other industry.

Grabbing the attention of the best as well as brilliant staff members towards your organization is not a one-time thing. It is certainly a regular procedure. Organizations who are strict about their long-term prospects must be on a continuous basis keep the networking intact as well as maintaining relationships with the people who are placed at the top positions of their expertise. Few days, they might aspire to quote them as promising employees.

By promoting the culture of the organization via social media could be of great value to construct company’s employment mark. In case one discovers that their business is continuously on the perspective of the top tech talent, one requires to create a marketing campaign surrounding that. One has to employ their marketing team to demonstrate the culture of the organization. Look for the best pictures of the office and drive targeted social advertisements to profiles having the right keywords, skill set one recruiting for.


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