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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Right Way to do Handshake

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Right Way to do Handshake

It is necessary to learn the appropriate way to shake hands because of creating a pleasant first impression which is essential in various social as well as business conditions. An amalgamation of good timing along with appropriate technique would lift you in the eyes of the individual you are shaking hands with. When we shake hands with a person it permits us to set up our friendliness and also accessibility, either you are in a face to face meeting with a next-door neighbour or going for a new job. It is always ideal to practice this habit with your family or friends before start shaking the hands of an unknown person. This is very important to remember that people many a time initially assess you by the way you shake hands, hence, one has to be sure that your way of shaking hands should depict your confidence as well as your pleasant personality.

The person who is at a higher/senior position of level/authority or age must be the initiator of a handshake. In the case of an interview scenario, the interviewer must be the first one to offer a handshake or take the lead. In case you make a blunder and you initiate it, do not disengage the gesture as this would be considered rude and might be clumsy as well. Make it a habit to follow through with a handshake. One has to smile and be consistent with the introduction. There is no need to apologize.

In case you are sitting, you have to get up or rise before spreading your hand. This exhibits respect and assigns you on a similar level as the person before you. Eye contact is mandatory and proposes a candid smile to display that you are happy to be where you are.

One has to calm and face the other individual to avoid displaying an impression that is in a hurry to leave. In case you are walking, it is ideal to stop, turn and face the other person, otherwise, it would look like a clumsy situation.

It is always ideal to postpone the handshake if you feel you are hands are damp. In case you are giving an introduction of you, by blotting your palm with your slacks or skirt. You must be greeting must be inclusive of his/her name along with a pleasantry just like, “It’s so nice to meet you, Ms. Ela.” In case you have additional nice things to say, this is the time to include them. Remember going overboard would make the person uncomfortable.

To commemorate this individual’s name, it is ideal to say the name various times while in the conversation: firstly, while the initial handshake, shortly later, and once more when you shake his/her hands before parting ways.

Many individuals prefer briefer handshakes. One has to be vigilant about the same and follow the lead of the other individual, specifically in a situation when he/she is a senior person at the office or a social scenario. In case the individual continues holding your hands for more than 5 seconds, respectfully withdraw your hand. Maintaining eye contact along with an expression which is pleasant afterward to keep a positive interaction intact.


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