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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Social Media: Growing Threat To Democracy

Social Media Growing Threat To Democracy
Social Media: Growing Threat To Democracy


Social Media: Growing Threat To Democracy

The works of social media platforms is making wonders among the masses. A horizontal movement (people to people) is spreading the message. The actual effect is it multiplies the movement and people react fast. It does not threaten them while expressing bold opinions. The social media platforms generate strong opinions irrespective of bias. One unknown floats the idea and others like-minded follow them. The social media campaigns are leaderless and they grow in geometric progression. In a view the tool of globalisation where you find like-minded souls from the corners of the globe. The content enter straight into minds and intellect. It is easy via social media one can create cosy or exact opposite opinion.

Social media today armed with the enriched information. Media movements’ are dominating the political dialogue. The danger is in leaderless form; unknown is the influencing force and its motives. Russians have exploited the conditions in USA during the presidential elections. Advertisements emerged in election blogs influenced voters in complete opposite direction. But intricate complexities are in social media behaviour; they are not able to pinpoint the real culprit. Such an anomaly has an effect of sabotage on a democratic mechanism. Does it mean in future in the democracy we need secrecy? Secrecy and democracy are opposite to each other. Social media is compelling democracy to face a paradoxical environment. Murky, fluid and shrouded social media opinion is dangerous for democracy as they may devoid of truth and morality.

Besides American election, the takeover of Crimea by Russia has resulted from strong media machine run by the country. The Russian president Vladimir Putin has put millions in social media to make it an effective propaganda machine. The militant outfit ISIS is using social media for recruiting the youth for running the divisive agenda. They brainwash the young man by sending lopsided stories and messages via social media. Then they recruit them and train for militant activities and spread fear psychosis through brutal killings and devastation. Social media is an easier means to catch the right youths for such activities. The aftermath, democracy is in danger.

Uncontrolled social networks weaken the state power and worrying. Why people want social media? It is for their space and neutrality of the medium. But it has come to the light, the social media managers are filtering the content for the ulterior motives. This is very against democratic values. Present a matter-of-fact story and let the people decide their opinion. The interviews of CEOs of Twitter and Facebook in open declare their left leaning but allow many content. They can take a partisan view when needed.

There are two threats to democracy from social media one the anti state elements using social media to meet their goals to destabilise. Second media itself paints a picture and toes the population to wrong perception. Former is easier to tackle than the later.

Hillary Clinton’s comment on President Trump “A Puppet” is reflecting helplessness than a mere criticism.

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