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Solar Wind Hybrid System

Solar Wind Hybrid System


Solar Wind Hybrid System

In terms of human needs in running a civilization, energy ranks at first for it. In many parts of the world usage of electrical energy is increasing at a very high rate. Use of electrical energy is becoming highly costly, and the production capacity is also less than the requirement. Even the high production of electrical energy is causing deforestation due to the increase in construction of dams. And overcoming high-demands of electrical energy is a challenge and can’t be fulfilled only be non-renewable resources.

Solar and wind energy hybrid system is an eco-friendly way to produce a high amount of energy, the resources for the formation of these energies is completely renewable. In this system, energy is produced through the heat of sunlight and by the natural wind currents of any area.

Working of Solar Wind Hybrid System

  • Solar Power System This system is consists of solar panels, solar photovoltaic cells, and batteries, each of them having their particular use in the working of the system. The panels are used to inherit the energy, and solar photovoltaic cells to convert into electricity. Further batteries are used to store the produced energy.
  • Wind Power System This system is consists of wind turbines, DFIG, transformer, AC loads, DC loads, AC/DC Converter, and battery, each of them having their particular use in the working of the system. Wind turbines generating electricity, then the DFIG converts energy from one device to another, followed by the transformer to control the unbalanced current and flow it next to AC loads converting to DC loads through AC/DC converter, and use battery to store produced energy.
  • Combined Solar Wind Hybrid System The Solar Wind Hybrid System is designed to produce more energy than a “wind only” or “solar only” system, by developing a single unit where the total produced energy can be stored, using the same network of production. This hybrid system can help to keep relying on these sources of energy, as the production of energy could be continued even if wind or sunlight isn’t available due to climatic effects. This system also needs low maintenance to keep the efficiency of the production of energy high.

Drawbacks and advantages of Solar Wind Hybrid System


Advantages Drawbacks
The advanced energy production system is fully based on Renewable resources and eco-friendly to the environment.


This system can turn out to produce nothing if there is no sunlight and wind, also lead to low-production if no resource is available.


The maintenance cost of the system is very less.


Needs more area to install, and production per unit area is lesser than other systems.
Can produce almost twice of energy than only “Solar Energy System” or only “Only Wind Energy System”


Has very a low presence in the market which doesn’t ensure high-productivity
If considered installation in the resourceful area then production can also increase to a better level or higher than any other method Even after less maintenance cost, the initial installation of the system is high, which makes it unaffordable for small industries or manufacturers


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