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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Streaming Services: Rise of On-Demand Digital Media

Streaming Services Rise of On-Demand Digital Media
Streaming Services: Rise of On-Demand Digital Media


Streaming Services: Rise of On-Demand Digital Media

The cable TV network is losing the share of market to the new streaming services entering the Market. Streaming services are online entertainment source for TV shows, Movies and Music. YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, Hotstar and Amazon Prime are the new entrants in the market.

The customer has to pay a small monthly charge for the streaming service to watch a favourite programme of his. The streaming service is available to you on your smart phone and laptop via the application. One can watch movies on his laptop screen on most flexible time available to the viewer. The streaming service makes movie watching convenient to the viewer. It avoids circus of going to movie hall at a particular time.

When sitting in front of your TV many times you see no good programmes on the screen at a particular time? The continuous bombardment of commercials takes your nerves. He ends up in switching off the TV. Instead, through streaming application one can decide which programme to watch and when. The viewer has a control not the cable TV or the channel.  You can watch a streamed programme in leisure time. Another pay off of streaming is its cost effectiveness. The programme streaming fee is tiny compared to the high rental charges of cable TV. In paying less we can view programmes of our choice. Advertisement supportive free streaming services are too in offing.

The music streaming service is come as a boon to the artists and the composers in music media. Earlier they lost on revenue because of piracy and unfaithful producers. Now, the live streaming of music shows bring instant revenue to the artist. The steaming services charge the customer a small sum for the programme and passes on to the artist after keeping their share. Artists have made money out of streaming business. And, the piracy issue with the distribution bottle necks removed because of nature of transaction. No more dependence on whims of the distributor as the streaming service do what it needs for the artist. A person can relish the music of his taste. For the artist streaming service can make available the data of followers for analysis. Based on the analysis he can tweak his programme for more revenue and followers.

In modern families, today each member has his laptop and smart phone, the family members can enjoy the programmes of their choice. With the cable network it was difficult to satisfy the choices of individuals of the family. The choice clashes lead to altercations and dissatisfaction. But streaming services is antidote this ailment.

In USA over two third of the population of viewers have cut the cord and moved to streaming services, the number is increasing with Netflix leading the flock. In India Jio TV is streaming family serials and Hotstar is showing cricket matches for the audience. For, cheaper and personal services live streaming offers the good alternative. Streaming services have converted the idiot box in the house into a relishing experience.

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