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Super Bowl 2020: How much does a 30-second ad cost?

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Super Bowl 2020: How much does a 30-second ad cost?

If you are from America and reading this article and we would suggest you to move to next para of this article and if you are not American then stay with me on this first paragraph. Super Bowl Sunday is not just an ordinary day in America, it is like a national holiday. National Football League (NFL) teams compete throughout the fall for the place of being one of the top two teams who get to play in the biggest game of the year: the Super Bowl. Super Bowl is annually the most-watched single-day sporting event in the world. Super Bowl LIII was played on February 3, 2019, in which New England Patriots defeated Los Angeles Rams by 13-3, event was broadcasted in more than 180 countries in 25 languages with 98.2 million US viewership. And if you are thinking about the ticket price for super bowl then let me tell you that average ticket price of 2020 super bowl, when The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the San Francisco 49ers on 2nd February, 2020 in Miami is about $7,000. Expected Kickoff is set for 6:30 p.m. EST.

On Sunday of 2nd February, 2020 when Kansas City Chiefs & San Francisco 49ers will face each other for the glory, same time some of the big companies like Budweiser, Hyundai, PepsiCo and Google will be spending a big sum of money on 30 second advertisement on the year’s most-watched television event: Super Bowl LIV. Expected viewership for this event is speculated to be around 120 million with 50% of them watching ads as well.

This year host network, Fox has put the price tag for 30-second slot about $5.6 million, which is $400,000 increase from last year price of $5.2 million. In per second calculation price comes roughly $187,000 per second.

Interestingly, this time we will be witnessing the battle of billionaires. Michael Bloomberg and President Donald Trump each plan to spend $10 million for advertisements during the telecast of Super Bowl for their election campaign.

That price makes sense when you want to reach to a large numbers of viewers watching country’s biggest events with eye balls glued to the television. Companies that can effort such price tags will definitely try to utilise 30 second slot with creative advertisement to establish connect with the consumers. With press releases by advertisers coming weeks before Super Bowl LIV, announcing their new Super Bowl ads we can understand the why Super Bowl Ads are so super during Super Bowl.


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