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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Tesla’s Mid-Range Model 3

Tesla Introduce Mid-Range Model 3 at $45,000


Tesla’s Mid-Range Model 3

Tesla Motors Inc. is an American company, founded in the year 2003 with headquarter in California. They are into the manufacturing of electric cars. They had shortened their name to Tesla from Tesla Motors in the year 2017. They had launched two of the models in car as Model S which is a sedan in the year 2012 and Model X which comes under SUV segment, in the year 2015. In the year 2017, they launched another car as Model 3 with a price range of around $ 49,000.

Now they had launched a new version of Model 3 which is cheaper than the previous version. It would cost around $ 45,000 as a starting price for the base model. The delivery for the new car would take time as the order already received by them would be delivered by next year. The tax credit benefit to the customers receiving the delivery by next year would be only $ 3,750. This would further reduce to $ 1,875 by July,1 and this benefit would not be there in the year 2019. If the delivery of the car is received within this year then tax credit benefit would be $ 7,500.

What are the features of Model 3 new version?

The new version of Model 3 is liked by everyone due to its various features such as –

  1. Safety – The body of the car is made with an amalgamation of steel as well as aluminum. This would give maximum strength to the body. Roof crush test has been conducted on the car and it has the ability to resist up to four times of its own weight. If it is with the glass roof then it would be weighing as per the full-grown African elephants. So they had taken care of safety as a priority.
  2. Acceleration – It has the feature of lower suspension for full control in any of the weather condition. It consists of 20” wheels which increase the performance. It also has the carbon fiber spoiler, which helps in maintaining the stability at a higher speed. It also increases the ability to hasten the speed from 0mph to 60mph in around 3 seconds.
  3. Dual motor – It has two motors which are working independently. It controls the torque of both front and rear wheels. It would give better control and handling. If anyone motor stopped working in middle then with the help of second, destination could be reached.
  4. Superb battery – It is an electric car and anyone does not have to visit the gas station repeatedly. If it has been charged in the night, then in the morning it would be fully charged. While traveling also it would be easy to charge it at any of the public station or with the company charging stations.

The price of Tesla is luring the prospective customers, who are waiting for this low priced version of Model 3. The reservation of the base model is being done continuously with huge waiting time. But the price and waiting are worth in front of the car.

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