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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

The Glory Of Powerpoint Is Fading

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The Glory Of Powerpoint Is Fading

It is good to know that there is something like the World PowerPoint Championship. This particular year it was nearly 850,000 students coming out from 119 nations, and global competition. The awards are cool. The person who won the global competition is a US student, Seth Maddox of Geraldine, Alabama (population: 900) got prized $10,000, a trophy and a laptop.

The effectiveness of the competition tests come from the fact that who can very quickly clone a paper presentation. By way of explanation, it is a competition to witness who could accomplish PowerPoint’s excellently clunky user interface speedily. Even though that is a metric that could be conveniently calculated, this could be Microsoft’s unspoken confirmation that it is not significant to calculate the effectiveness of PowerPoint presentations, or either they had rather calculated that.

Generally, everyone knows that PowerPoint takes a lot of time to even start. On the basis of several posts it has been understood that anecdotally, those global top entrepreneurs just like Jack Dorsey, Jeff Bezos and Mark Cuban stay away from it just like the conventional plague.

A research organised by the University of New South Wales in the year 2007 by John Sweller, a psychologist who coined Cognitive Load Concept, discovered that showing the audiences the similar words which are being spoken minimized, instead of advances understandings of the audience.

Specifically, when one puts bullet pointers and starts to describe the pointers it is sure that whatever is being said would be forgotten very easily. Not due to the fact that the explanation is boring, although it is proven scientifically that a person cannot read and listen together at the same time. The whole theory of PowerPoint is seemingly illicit, on the basis of a recent research study mentioned in the Harvard study in the Forbes, which has discovered that “PowerPoint was rated (by online audiences) as no better than verbal presentations with no visual aids. (Ouch.)”

PowerPoint might even be preparing a team member little smart. This investigation is extraneous due to the fact that just like the authentic peer-viewed paper apparently describes, the challenger had no duty in deciding one or the other the development of PowerPoint with a presentation which is without a slide show—which is a demonstration of the issue of cognitive haul, which is considered a well-embraced science.


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