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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Understanding the Millennial Mindset

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Understanding the Millennial Mindset

For understanding the concept of millennial mindset, first of all we need to know who actually the millennials are. By millennials, we actually refer those people who are born between the time periods of 1980s to early 2000s. These people are specifically given a particular term because most of them belong to the information age and are very comfortable in using the digital technology and of course, social media. But their importance does not end here. These people also have a deep impact on almost every sector including the marketplace. Millennials can, in fact, affect an entire economy through their work, business or even smaller tit bits like shopping!

Now, let’s talk about the millennial mindset. It is nothing but the way in which a particular individual thinks that makes him or her socially conscious about each and every aspect of life. The people who are termed as millennials have the tendency of giving their concentration almost everywhere. They also like to make sure how a particular business spends money in order to contribute for the greater good of the society. They also like to see and analyze what a particular company actually sells. These people prefer and want to work only for those companies who have a similar mindset and contribute towards the well – being of the society.

The millennial mindset isn’t limited to only societal aspects. It reaches broader aspects such as technology. Well, as we all know by now, the millennials were born during a time when there were and have been numerous technological developments. Then it is quite obvious that they will have certain expectations from the same. The best part about the people with millennial mindset is that they are goal – oriented, ambitious and confident about themselves. They are also not scared of questioning authority when required and they always seek new challenges in their lives.

The word millennial was first introduced to the world back in the year 1987. It was initially used to refer to those high school people who would actually graduate in 2000. Who knew that today this particular term would become so much important in everyone’s lives! In today’s world, the millennials have actually become a part and parcel of the dominant workplace culture. So, it has become very much important to understand the millennial mindset altogether.

Now let us delve into some of the common features of those professionals who are millennials:

  • First if all, the millennials make for the fastest growing workforce in the world. Well, we cannot deny their needs, attitudes and desires make for the perfect match to companies and other workplaces in today’s world.
  • Millennials can be considered to be that category of people who are tech savvy. This generation basically grew up with technology and now they rely on it for each and every purpose. Also known as the Generation – Y, these people are hooked to their technological gadgets including mobile phones, laptops, etc. 24/7. It might not sound good but millennials definitely cannot live without technological gadgets.
  • Social media is an integral part of the life of millennials. These people love text messaging, sending emails and using other social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. They find it easy to commute through such sources and there is no denial about this fact.
  • Although they are indulged in technology and social media most of the time, the millennials actually happen to be family – centric people and this is the best part about them. These people are willing to work in flexible hours and trade higher pay scales with lesser ones in order to spend quality time with their family members and other loved ones.
  • The millennials are not only achievement – oriented but also team – oriented which make the perfect workforce. They are not only concerned about their own welfare but they also dive into certain tasks which are done for the greater good of everyone.

Now, the main question that arises here is that why is it necessary to understand the millennial mindset for businesses. Well, many people around the world consider this to be an important requirement despite the fact that the challenges of leading and managing millennials are not too easy. But most people take up such challenges of cohesion because they know that the millennial mindset is a storehouse of numerous creative ideas and other enlightened approaches which are necessary for the well – being of a particular business.

The best thing about the millennial mindset is that they are not mute spectators and voice out their opinions whenever required. This way, they can question or challenge any misquoted or unnecessary directives which are handed down thereby saving the business from any kind of loss or other financial disparities. Talking about businesses, they always want no nonsensical people to work with them and this is the reason why people having the millennial mindset are best suited for them. This is because these people believe in more productivity and less drama at the workplace. Well, this is the reason why millennials make for the largest workforce in the world!

This article is part of November, 2019 Magazine. Click on link to view the magazine.


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