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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

What Is Workplace Culture Really All About?

workplace culture
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What Is Workplace Culture Really All About?

According to Nathalie Gordon, a freelancer creative lead, workplace culture should not be taken lightly just like writing an inspirational quote on wall. Culture is not about having dogs in the office. It is also not like a spa day being offered to someone as he/she might look tired. It certainly not a silent place where one can read: place for people who have pulled all-nighters to sleep. Its is not solely a staff manual or code of conduct. It can not be considered as solely a talent show, enforced fun zone, necessary night outs which is not paid by the company. Workplace culture is not only team building activities or many such things. Workplace culture can not be discovered in a questionnaire. Also, it can not be created inside a meeting room stuffed with individuals who are not themselves answering the questionnaire.

The ideas here is not to negate all the elements which might compliment a culture although they do not make it. It’s like swallowing vitamins when someone’s diet made up of 50 shades of beige. These elements can be built where an individual work “fun” and “different”, although they cannot generally be plasters for bigger challenges. Challenges which actually determines if the person is being fully satisfied, if a person is actually growing or learning and lastly if a person is positioned in a right enterprise.

Culture is considered to be the very mark which a job leaves on its people. It is actually what its staff talk about where they work while going home at night. Also, when they take off for alternate organizations. It is the approach which makes them feel where they work and a kind of individual it transforms them into. It is about enabling the co-workers to breathe. Explore, live, develop and just like that showing care about their very individuality and where they are heading.

It is about allowing individuals have their own time (Friends or family) and being flexible. Also, understanding the fact that it is not necessary who has children leaves the office early than those doesn’t, rather it is each one of the individual’s need to go home early occasionally. It is about lifting each one up. It is about boosting and recognizing the “little people” and showcasing them sometimes those who are in shadows.

It is about acknowledging individuals who are accountable for commendable work. Instead of those who always takes the credit announcing it loud of the gook work. It about building such environment where individuals love their work, promote a culture of praising each other and spreading positivity even in a difficult situation. It is about being together in a difficult time and staying as a team even in failure.

Culture is all about seeing for most challenging questions and concentrating on the solutions. It is basically about accepting being uncomfortable of what is being heard as well. It is about promoting a culture of inclusivity, accountability, transparency as well as respect.


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