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Tersebox | Millennial's Corner | STAND. START. WIN.

Winning Millennial’s Brand Trust via Social Media

winning millennial brand trust via social media
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Winning Millennial’s Brand Trust via Social Media

‘Millennials & Marketing’, these words are keeping every marketer busy in designing best marketing campaign to sustain their consumer base. Millennials are today’s biggest economic force due to their earning & spending pattern. Brands are trying every possible approach to build their brand image according to Millennial’s choice & preferences.

According to the study completed by eMarketer, Millennials have the highest penetration of Internet usage, with 93% of Millennials using the Internet, 89% of Gen X and 77% of Baby Boomers. Millennials have the highest usage of social media with 84% of Millennials are social media users. Additionally, more than half of the U.S. users on Twitter are Millennials. Outcome from the studies can help us in gathering one clear fact that world of social media plays strategic & decisive role on Millennials decision making process. Study by McCarthy Group further strengthen the conclusion, 84% of Millennials neither prefer traditional advertising nor do they trust it.

Digitally aware Millennials gather all the relevant information from the digital campaigning works of the brands, which help them to choose the right product from the abundance of choices. Paul Donagher, managing director of the consumer and retail group at Market Strategies, says “millennials are more engaged, more vocal and more visual,” compared with members of other generations. They’re not merely passive readers —they post, pin, view and blog. And, they’re willing to experiment and go onto the next innovation in social media”.

Question that comes into the picture that how research and studies mentioned in the above can help in gaining Millennials attention & brand trust? One of the best clever approach is to make Millennials part of the process from social media to other operational marketing mechanism. Millennials need to be engaged by brands to understand Millennials changing preferences via their social media consuming patterns. Today, Millennials have moved out of world of Facebook towards Instagram, Tik Tok & other similar newest platforms. Taco Bell in 2013 tried distinct way of social media by using Snapchat to announce the return of the Beefy Crunch Burrito, even though the social site hadn’t yet become a go-to place for brands to live. Taco Bell has since delivered a variety of other content via Snapchat and had more than 200,000 followers in August 2014. In a study by Defy Media, 63% of responded that they would try a brand or a product recommended by a YouTube content creator, whereas only 48% mentioned the same about a movie or TV star. Businesses are taking notice of such facts and turning more towards such influencers as compared to mainstream celebrities to reach millennials.

Brands have to be more proactive & walk in line with the Millennial’s mindset because Millennials are different from their predecessors group known as Baby Boomers. Millennials were born in the age of technology advancement & wide spread presence of social media world.


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